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Candle Care Instructions

To get the most from every candle, please follow these care instructions:

Keep your candle wick trimmed, straight and centred prior to each lighting, to avoid smoking and to provide the best burn. Ensure the melted wax reaches the candle edge to prevent tunnelling.  Do not burn continually for more than 4 hours.


Safety Warning

Never leave Inoko candles burning alone. 

Inoko candles should never be extinguished with water or by covering with a lid.

Do not burn near a draft, flammable materials pets or children. 

Only handle the candle when wax is cool and solid. 

Keep your candle free of materials or wax.


  • Timeless luxury with every candle fragrance.


    Our beautiful new frosted white glass candle, with Inoko etched subtly into the side, honours our ethos of re-using and having multiple purposes for each element of our candles.


    Each candle includes a stylish coaster, which supports the candle whilst lit, protecting table surfaces.  It can then be placed on the top once the candle has been extinguished and cooled down.  Designed with a protective glaze on the surface to protect each design and a cork backing to protect your table tops from scratching and heat.  


    Choose a coaster from our 4 available designs.  Once your candle is finished, wash and re-use the gorgeous vessel and use your coaster as a support for your favourite beverage.  Next time you buy a candle, choose an alternate coaster design to complete your coaster set.


    You will also find inside your candle box, a surprise Inoko Inspire Collection Card.  Reflect upon the inspirational word on the card you receive and feel into what this word means for you and how you can enhance its meaning in your life.


    Choose from one of our 6 fragrances, which have been chosen to suit a variety of personal tastes and create a welcoming and charming space in any room.


    Hand poured, Soy Fragrant Candle - 350gm

    All orders over $100 receive free shipping.

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